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DAA Creative has over 5 years experience working with well known UK brands to increase their viral footprint. We specialise in making NOISE! Online and physically, through bold eye catching ad-campaigns and attention grabbing in person events.

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With our unique style of social media branding and video wizardry, nothing is impossible. We can send your product into space, break records and provide adrenalin pumping stunts.


If that doesn’t float your boat, we also create simple, attractive and engaging content to ensure a wide reach to your customer base.  


DAA Creative specialises in making noise… both literally and figuratively! We tell stories with passion, through videos and advertising across social media and in person events. Give your customers an experience to remember, and a brand to never forget. Let’s break the mould, contact us today to discuss your personalised advertising package and social media management.





Does social media confuse you? Or simply take up too much time? Nowadays, social media sites make up an extraordinary part of advertising revenue, and a strong social media presence is a necessity for any brand who wants to make a splash. But it’s not as simple as just posting a photo or video every now and then. We have brought over 300 million interactions to their brands, creating viral posts and unique styling. Let us take care of your social media, and see results almost instantly.


You might have the best product in the world, but without the best brand marketing, no one will know it exists. Grab attention, and keep it, with our unique approach to product marketing. From slow motion close ups to experiments with water and fire… there’s very little we won’t explore to ensure your brand is eye catching and memorable.Contact us to start your product’s adventure today.


What is your brand’s story? In 2021, brands are so much more than a logo and a name. Brands need stories, explaining the facts and feelings encompassed by your brand and products. It can be hard to know where to begin, but thankfully that’s where we can help. Using your history and experience, we can create a fully rounded brand story which is consistent across your social media, website and products.Let’s start telling stories… contact us for more details.


Think of a flash mob, but on social media, or bus stops, or anywhere your audience might see it. That’s guerrilla marketing. Make a splash, leave an impression, never be forgotten. Perfect for a new product, or a rebrand, guerrilla marketing is a fun and unique way to reach a new audience and remind your old audience of your existence. Let’s go guerrilla… contact us for more details.

TIKTOK Brand Partner

We are a TikTok for Business marketing partner.
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We are a fairly small, flexible design studio that designs for print and web.